Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Sumptuous succulents!

Sedum (Prometheum) sempervivioides

 Very near the top of my list of all time favorite plants, this (unfortunately) monocarpic succulent from Western Asia is one I keep trying to keep: It blooms, sets tons of seed, dies--but I have yet to have it self sow: I will be a happy man when it does!

Dudleya pumila

 We've succeded in growing and blooming a handful of species of Dudleya--this one is my favorite so far. Alas, we haven't had any persist more than a few years in Colorado outdoors--but we will keep on trying!

Viola cotyledon

I know it's cruel to keep showing you these: I have a hard time believing myself that I was just in Argentina, on Volcan Copahue to be exact little more than a month ago walking past hundreds of these: I have the pictures to prove it. Looks like such an innocent violet until you notice the symmetrical succulent rosettes: Wowza!

TRhodiola primuloides ?

And what of this tiny morsel, photographed at over 15,000' in 2019 on Galong La in Tibet: woo hooo! Now if I only knew what it really is,..

Sedum ternatum

It may be white--but what wonderful leaves and habit! I never want to be without this classic of the Eastern Hardwood forest. 

Delosperma ashtonii
How to pick from the dozens of Delosperma? I got stymied after the letter "A"-- but this tiny plant in my garden (I've marveled over it in nature as well....just look back at the amazing diversity of just a handful of succulents I just gathered and posted for you: notice that none of them are overly xeric. There are succulents for all parts of your garden. This Saturday, experts from the four corners of North America will guide you to the best and most inspiring ways of using these fantastic (and underappreciated) plants.

You don't want to miss this one! Click HERE for more info!


  1. I'm signed up for NARGS Rocks Succulents, wouldn't want to miss this one. Your photo of Rhodiola aff. primuloides from Tibet, stunning plant and image!

  2. Not only are they beautiful in this phase of life but they are fascinating.


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