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Orostachys iwarenge

Orostachys "chanettii" (ex Kew--I've been told it's a microform of spinos)

Sempervivum ocopodes in my garden

Sempervivum ciliosum v. borisii in my garden

Orostachys spinosa in Mongolia
Orostachys spinosa formerly in my garden (now in my ex-wife's garden...uggh! Divorce is not fun)

Rosularia libanotica in my garden

Rosularia sempervivum in my garden

Sedum lanceolatum--the commonest sedum in Western America--in the wild

Sedum (Phedimus--which I don't buy) littorale in Mike Kintgen's fabulous garden

Sedum pachyclados--supposedly a Rhodiola. Not sure I buy that.

Sedum sempervivioides--monocarpic, alas!

Sedum tatarinowii at Kendrick this plant

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