Colorado alpines

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Physaria alpina

Horseshoe mountain cirque (Jannie in a distance)

Dryas octopetala

Saxifraga flagellaris and Chionophila jamesii on Horseshow

Draba cana on Horseshoe

Claytonia megarhiza

Eriogonum flavum v. xanthum (hate the new name)

Ranunculus adoneus

Saxifraga chrysantha on Mt. Evans

Bristlecone forest on Mt. Goliath

Pinus aristata

Aster pattersonii (on Mt. Goliath)--the real thing!

Penstemon virens growing near treeline on Loveland Pass

Primula angustifolia on Pikes Peak

Aquilegia saximontana on Pikes Peak

Viola atropurpurea

Mertensia bakeri on Kebler Pass

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