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Views of my garden through the years

Ice plant time on the rock garden

Overview of the rock garden in May--2005 or so.
Rock garden in June 2010


Rock garden in early summer

Rock garden in June
Same view a few years earlier in April
Late May in the rock garden

Ice plants in May

Rock garden in late May--another view from the north
Panorama of June garden

Vignette of rock garden in June
West ridge in late May (above in 2005)

Westridge in 2012

West Ridge in October 

West ridge vignette in October
The ridges in June

Vignette of Dianthus giganteus and Delphinium regalis
South border in June


Backyard in June

Triangle bed in June

Back garden in early summer

East ridge in early summer

Vegetable Garden 2012

Rock garden vignette in May

Acantholimon bracteatum v. capitatum with garden beyond

Spring fun

 Perennial triangle at height of spring


Back garden looking at the house

Rock garden in summer

Daphne time: same angle as the above...

Daphne x hendersonii on left, Daphne x 'Anton Fahndrich' on right

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