The Drakensberg

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Pictures taken in the Drakensberg, 2008

Helichrysum martinatum on Sani Pass

Tritonia drakensbergensis (or is it disticha?) on Naude's Nek

Baboons on protea in the little Berg (half way up Sani Pass)

Corycnium nigrum on Sani Pass

Helichrysum pagophilum above Sani Pass in the Black Mts.

Basotho herdsman on the Black Mts.

Basotho shepherd in the Black Mountains

Helichrysum album and other gems in February on Sani Top

Wahlenbergia and helichrysums on Sani Top in February

More alpine tapestry on Sani Top--one of the most beautiful alpine sites I've ever seen.

Kniphofia laxiflora near the lower border post on Sani Pass road

Closer view of Kniphofia laxiflora

Dwarf Protea dracomontana on Sani Pass

Rock gtardeners led by our pteridologist Tom Stuart of New York

Phygelius aequalis

Kniphofia rufa near Giant's Castle

Selaginella sp.

Herbaceous Crassula sp.

Gladiolus dalenii

Kniphofia rufa

Monsonia sp.

Begonia sutherlandii

The Drakensberg from Royal Natal National Park

Protea rupelliae at Basotho village near Harrismith

San Rock painting

Intrepid Compton Herbarium curator photgraphing Kniphofia rufa (look carefully!)

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