(if you click on a picture you can view the whole lot as a slide show)
Troughs at Denver Botanic Gardens (mostly created as part of Wildflower Treasures, which was decommisioned this year: the troughs are in storage and hopefully will be put on display again in 2013)
Wildflower treasures in 2010. Today this is "empty ground" to become a vegetable garden in 2013
Erigeron compositus 'Como' and Phlox condensata in Pikes Peak trough
Telesnix jamesii in the Pikes Peak trough: notice the phlox past bloom
Townsendia parryi self sowing in an authentic antique Indian mortar (a hole was drilled in it!)
Another view of the same granite trough (very heavy!)
A grafted witch's broom Pinus aristata in the Mosquito Mountain trough, with a pure white form of Erigeron compositus.
Lesquerella ovalifolia, Erigeron compositus 'Como' and witch's broom Cercocarpus intricatus.
Erigeron pinnatisectus and Phlox condensata
Erysimum capitatum in the San Juan Mt. trough.

 Physaria eburniflora and Echinocereus viridiflorus in a trough designed by Mike Kintgen in the Rock Alpine Garden

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