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   Iris cycloglossa

Iris iberica (ex Jim and Jenny Archibald)
Iris 'Jewel of Opar'
Iris kirkwoodii
Iris lacustris at the Ridges, Wisconsin
Iris lortetii at Denver Botanic, alas, gone!
Iris bucharica--one of many big "spreads" at Denver Botanic Gardens
Small part of my onco0bed collection on East Ridge: that's Iris 'Rivers of Babylon' on the right.
  Iris "bucharica" alba--some think it is Iris wilmottiana alba and others think it's a hybrid.
Iris (Juno) narbutii in my home garden

Iris svetlanae in my home garden

Iris vicaria (blue form) in my home garden

Iris vicaria in my home garden

Iris warleyensis at DBG rock garden

Iris x Warlsind at DBG

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