Hardy mesembs

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Various Hardy Mesembs at Denver Botanic Gardens and at my home

South African Plaza at Denver Botanic Gardens in May
Delosperma sphalmanthoides

Delosperma floribundum growing in a crevice

Delosperma 'Tiffendell' at DBG

Delosperma Firespinner TM

Delosperma 'Lesotho Pink' and Dudleya

Bergeranthus jamesii
Nananthus transvaalensis
Stomatium sp. (Hammer coll.)
Winter color on succulents at Centennial Park in downtown Denver
Rabiea albipuncta
Rhinephyllum ex Cyphe Richmond and Sempervivum 'Gold Bug'
South African Plaza at height of spring bloom

Vignette from South African Plaza

Delosperma ashtonii in my rock garden
Foliage color on mesembs in South African garden, DBG

Delosperma cf. basuticum in a private garden

Delosperma 'Carlile' in my home garden (developed by Bill Adams, of Sunscapes.com)

Mystery delo at SAP

Delosperma dyeri (orange clone) at DBG

Delosperma Firespinner TM

Delosperma karooicum in my home garden

Delosperma 'Lavender Ice'

Delosperma luckhofii (left) and D. dyeri (Orange form) on right

Delosperma luckhoffii (early April). Delosperma nubigenum not even budding up yet!

Delosperma luckhoffii ("Beaufort West") in April at DBG

Delosperma nelii at my home garden

Delosperma lavisiae (East Cape, Johnson coll.)

Delosperma sphalmanthoides at the Gardens at Kendrick Lake, April 2012

Delosperma sphalmanthoides at DBG 2006

Drosanthemum photographed near Matjesfontein, Karoo

Drosanthemum photographed near Middelpos

Drosanthemum sp. on Great Karoo near Middelpos

Ebracteola wilmanniae in my home garden

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