Thursday, September 23, 2021

Plant and Bulb EXTRAVAGANZA! D.B.G. fall sale!

 All year long people ask me: where can I get Orostachys spinosa? I'll tell you where: at DBG's annual fall bulb and plant sale TOMORROW (Friday, Sept. 24) and Saturday (Sept. 25): check the website for particulars (i.e., click on that last sentence!) It's FREE but you still need an advance reservation you can get at that clicked link!

 Just LOOK at all those adorable little Fibonacci balls, dying to grow in your alpine troughs and rock gardens! I just did a quick stroll through and saw WAY too many cool plants I'll be buying first thing in the morning! like our native pasqueflower (see below)

Everyone grows the vulgar European pasqueflower--but our elegant one is hard to find!

Or cool herbs, like this tough little Savory (Satureja montana)--

 Or what about this gorgeous Southwestern campion? (Silene laciniata)

 People tell me they can't find Anthemis marshalliana: well here it is--along with a lot of other cool Plant Select choices you won't find in many garden centers...

There are a good variety of super hardy Manzanitas...

This is a great time to plant Chocolate flower! (Berlandiera lyrata): a plant even the BLACKEST thumb can't kill! And it really does smell exactly like chocolate!

The tall bearded iris at this sale are well established and ready to take off in your garden! These are divisions from our best performers...

Did I mention Eremurus yet? They look like giant dried Octopus--but I promise you they're foxtail lilies--the best selection ANYWHERE! Dozens of selections!

More at another table...and another table...

Where else will you find our subalpine red columbine? (Aquilegia elegantula)

May I suggest you make a day of it? You can stash your plants after you've bought them with the plant-sitting table on the street and go back in and glory in the late summer/early autumn gardens. The plants are over the top!

And don't miss a visit to the Galleries in the Freyer-Newman center: I particularly loved Saito's stunning bronze cast natural arrays...

I hate to think how long I lingered over this one, imagining the patience it took to do each and every one of these marvelous miniatures...

And you too can take your friend's picture in front of the spectacular bronze Dragonfly wings! (In this case it was Steve Brack--perhaps the premier cactus and succulent seed purveyor of the last century)...

And if you're really smart, you'll sit down and watch the feature documentaries in the Sturm Auditorium--like the galleries, they're bundled in your entrance fee (which was free...did I mention?)...

Get your sweet little tushy down here, honey! You won't regret it!



  1. Oh to live closer. Fall plant sales are the best and it looks like there is lots to choose from. The Saito art installation is amazing especially in how it is arranged. the best of the natural world. Have fun at the sale.

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  4. Sorry about deleting the above comments. I was trying to comment on the September 24th post.

    It does look like a great plant sale. Plant propagators are gardening saints.


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