Greek Plant Books

 Small format, lots of text and pretty detailed information--good for reference, not so useful in the field.

Compact, small book-- commonest plants

A little more useful than most--good size for the field.


A little bulky for the field, but very good information, overview and information excellent. Love it!

Very good for Crete

This and the next are two of the best for field work.

Only book like it: very good.

Very skinny: not that useful...

Like the idea of this--but never used it...

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 A lot of cultural info on our basic herbs in the wild. And more...good little book.

HUGE beautifully illustrated monograph on rare plants of just one part of Greece: not for the field, but wonderful to pore over at home. They sell this ridiculously cheap at the Goulandris museum in Athens.

Ditto this: a classic you should pick up just for the gorgeous paintings!

Two volume set--way too bulky for field work but invaluable for plants above about 1000' elevation--very complete. (and EXPENSIVE!--ask me how I know?


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  5. Wow, I need all of these! Thanks PK!


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