Thursday, November 16, 2023

Even MORE Baimashan (#4) [Will this EVER END?]

Anaphalis cinerascens

Pearly everlasting is pretty much the same in Europe or the US--neither places approach China for variety or charm in the genus.

Aster sp. ign.
There are a LOT of asters here...

Cassiope pectinata and Bergenia purpurascens

I wish we could grow Cassiope as easily as we grow Bergenia!

Corydalis sp. ign.
There are a LOT of blue corydalis in China.

Juncus concinna

In Sikkim we found something very much like this identified as Juncus thomsonii: synonyms or truly distinct?

Koenigia forrestii

So strange to think this plant's congeners are tall plumy knotweeds, or the tiny, annual Koenigia islandica! I have seen this thriving in Scotland.

Minuartia sp. ign.

One of innumerable sandworts.

An unknown (sp. ign. sounds so much better) mushroom. Pretty cool, eh?

Pterocephalus hookeri

I've seen this put into a new genus (Pterocephalodes) only I can't find it referenced anywhere.

Ranunculus sp. ign. (again!)
This one is for Cliff Booker--buttercup nut extraordinaire (have a name for it Cliff?)

Rhodiola sp. (you guessed it! ign.)

I have seen so many rhodiolas in Central Asia, Sikkim, Pakistan and especially Tibet. A group that I love. I only recognize a fraction of the species...

Salix lindleyana

Saxifraga melanocentra

For once, aptly named.

Solms-Laubachia sp. (yep) ign.

The only one of this fabled genus we found in bloom. 

4292 meters = 14,081.4 feet 

Strange monument on one of the summits of the pass (there were several)...

 Milking yaks at over 14,000' has to be a chore...

And there will be more!


  1. More beautiful photos. Truly little gems in a fairly barren landscape

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Wish I knew what sp. ign. means, google search was bereft of clues relative to botany.

    2. Even searching for both "ign" and "botany" Google does not make it easy. You have to scroll down and look to find it.

    3. Thanks for publishing the link, James: I should have annotated it the first time I used it.

  3. Looking forward to posts five through twelve!


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