Saturday, September 16, 2023

Variability in Baby Butts

Gibbaeum heathii
I am confident that anyone reading my blog posts hardly needs to be reminded about the remarkable variability in natural productions. But perhaps to reinforce your sense of wonder, I took pictures or QUITE a few individual plants (all the same species) in a large and fantastic reserve set aside primarily because of them--albeit hundreds of other precious taxa are growing with them and nearby. All this on a glorious, warm early Spring day on September 16, 2023 a few miles from Caliptzdorp, in the Little Karroo of South Africa. I will spare you commentary until the end: I think the little baby butts speak pretty well for themselves.

There! Bet you never thought you'd be looking at so many baby butts! The common name (coined by the Afrikaners--who have a way about naming things) is used for other taxa in other parts of South Africa (such as Argyroderma in the Knersvlakte). I suppose you could (if you were willing to risk ridicule and suspicion of perversion...and tried hard enough, and perhaps shelled out enough bucks) you could in fact arrange to photograph a dozen or so random baby butts of Human babies: I doubt they would begin to approach the variety you can see above. Honestly, it's easier and more salubrious to just come to South Africa and do it--not to mention enjoy no end of other pleasures!


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