Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Primavera exquisita! Here's to springtime!

Delphinium nudicaule 'Laurin'

One of the first plants to strut its stuff on the brand new crevice garden (see more below on that!): I saw the wild form a few months ago north of San Francisco and dreamed of when I'd be able to grow it. Presto! Such is life in the FAST lane!

Mimulus (Erythranthe?) cupreus

A great surprise was seeing how strongly this came back over the winter. Strange to think I saw this in Neuquen just a few months ago. Okay, it WAS six months ago I suppose!

Tulipa linifolia and Aurinia saxatilis

From a month ago or so--a fun combo--hope they both come back strong next year!

Start of new crevice garden...blame Jan! She wanted a shortcut to the backyard from the front! Drove me crazy about it for 15 years.

Ryan Keating and the garden
I owe Ryan more than I can begin to acknowledge: he came to us last year and helped in so many ways. I look forward to his next visit this summer!

Nearly done!

Ready for planting!

Another picture of Ryan in the midst of his labor of love. They guy's amazing.
Mystery daffodil

The last daffodil to bloom for me: and dammit--I can't find a tag or reference in my computer file. Help! 
Androsace taurica

The best of the white androsaces--thrives in the ground as well as this small pot!

Daphne time!

Daphne 'Anton Fahndrich' keeps getting bigger every year. D. x schytleri on the right...

Giant Iris ruthenica

The flowers look like the typical tiny form, but on definite stems: it's setting a lot of seed!

Late pasqueflower

Looks a tad lie vulgaris, but blooms 10 days later, and that deep dusky rose color! Love it.

Allium tripedale

Nectaroscordon siculum is a pernicious weed here. Thus far its cousin is better behaved.

Arum conophylloides (A. rupicola)
I love this aroid...

Primula sieboldii

I must get some more variations on this amazing species.

Daphne caucasica
his does not send out rhizomes as I have read it does. Good thing: one is enough!

Helichrysum amorginum

Possibly my favorite plant from last year! A selection of a Greek wildflower. Wonderful to watch it change!

Helichrysum amorginum

I think I like it in bud almost as much--hope the seed will be viable! Now to get its cousin from Mt. Athos!

I do grow a lot of delosperma...

Echinocereus coccineus

Quietly expanding under a Juniperus monosperma on my xeric berm...

Papaver "atlanticum"

Some of us have a weakness for poppies. I confess! I'm one of those poppy lovers...

Echinocereus x 'Panayoti'

Named for me and sold in Europe by Hans Graf: I approve!

Calceolaria herbeohybrida

According to Wikipedia (which knows all!) this represents "derived from three species from Chile and ArgentinaC. crenatifloraC. corymbosa and C. cana"..all of which are perennial, are they not? Is it too much to hope?

Thalictrum tuberosum

I look forward to the flowering of this outrageous meadow rue every spring. I have two clumps: should I divide one this summer?

Daphne oleioides 

Having seen this all over Greece and Turkey, it's a joy to have it in Colorado!

Asperula hirtella

I have been impressed with the longevity and fortitude of all these tiny woodruffs. They deserve more attention and respect!

Salvia caespitosa
My big clump is getting squeezed out--so I have two younger ones I'll make sure have more room--and, Oh yes, seedlings! One plant I can't have enough of!

Tanacetum marschallianum

A heavenly tansy from Western Asia.

Alyssum oxycarpum

Mikl Brawner (or is it Eve Reznicek? they are a couple) love this plant. I am beginning to see why.

Salvia phlomoides 
Another superb Salvia, this one from Morocco. (Thank you, Mike K.!)

Geranium x cantabrigense 'Biokovo'

Perhaps a bit pedestrian? You do find it in all the local garden centers--for good reason. This is one tough cookie. Ideal for "dry shade" (and dry shade here is DRY). It doesn't have to be rare for me to love a plant!

Salvia officinalis 'Nana'
The dwarf form of garden sage.

Lewisia cotyledon white flowered
Delighted that my lewisia decided to rebloom! Not quite like the massive cabbages I saw in Victoria on the wall at Government house...but I'm ok with that!

Stomatium agninum

I lost many ice plants in my old rock garden last winter: too much shade. But this one made it!

I end as I began on the new crevice garden: the other fast performer was a plant of Delosperma 'Garnet'--my favorite of the Desert Jewel series. Let's hope it proves perennial in this microclimate!


  1. Panayoti, that new crevice garden up against the house is amazing! Really great rock work, Ryan! The scale of the rocks is just right for the space and I especially like how it wraps around the posts for the deck and leans up against the wall. You’ll have to update us when it gets planted.

    I love the Lewisia in the wall and the Salvia caespitosa. I managed to rescue mine from my old garden before it perished from neglect in the clay. I think it was something I got from Laporte before they closed their doors. Such a lovely plant!


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