Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Arvada's hidden jewel: APEX Simms in early Spring 2022

Pediocactus simpsonii

Not exactly hidden: more like "tucked in" behind a large building, surrounded by pickleball courts and a parking lot...This picture of Pediocactus simpsonii was taken in early April..these pictures represent two visits several weeks apart. The garden has something new blooming every visit. Many somethings!

Townsendia leptotes 'Jeannie'

There will be little commentary from me: I've featured this garden many times on my blog. It's a little miracle creation that speaks for itself.

Delosperma congestum 'Gold Nugget'

x Aloinanthus cv.

Overview of main bed edged with Erigeron compositus 

Tulipa linifolia and Erigeron compositus 

Tulipa linifolia and Erigeron compositus 

Tulipa linifolia and Erigeron compositus 

The management of the grounds sprays weeds (in the case of this garden, maybe not weeds) I don't think they quite get it yet.

Phlox 'Crackerjack'

Eriogonum caespitosum

Veronica sp. ex Turkey

Aloinopsis spathulata

Rabiea albipuncta

Euphorbia spinosa

I grew this for years at Denver Botanic Gardens where it was regularly irrigated. And never bloomed. Here where it bakes and is stressed--well, you see! What a spectacular specimen.    `

Euphorbia spinosa

Eriogonum ovalifolium

Ruschia pulvinaris

Tetraneuris acaulis
Erigeron compositus 

Aubrieta gracilis and Erigeron compositus 

Aubrieta gracilis and Erigeron compositus 


  1. Thank you for the vicarious visit. I have yet to see the garden in person. That Eriogonum 'ovalifolium' is certainly something else. Most likely another version of E. caespitosum.

  2. So that is how Eriogonum caespitosum should look.

    1. The blog format has changed and confused me. The above comment was mine.


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