Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Aegina: a great start!

How promising a new vista opening up: for years now I've wanted to visit the island of Aegina--one of the largest Aegean islands near to Athens, and this April thanks to my wonderful cousin Eleni Kornaraki, I was able to do so!

Verbascum undulatum
One of the first plants I noticed is this, near the top of the list of my favorite verbascums...

Verbascum undulatum
Gorgeous in any manifestation...

Cistus incanus
There were masses of rock rose (Cistus) all over the island, and all over Attica as well..

When I was perhaps 12 years old, the far too short lived "Greek Heritage" magazine featured the sculptures that came from the amazing temple of Aphaia on Aegina.  I have wanted to see these ever since (well over a half century of waiting)...and it may have been raining lightly but I got to the temple. Now to get to Munich's Glyptotek!

Among Greeks, Aegina is best known as the site of Agios Nektarios home--one of the most recent saints in the Orthodox religion. Of course, one has to visit if one comes. Quite imposing church...

I enjoyed the sparrows, one poking out of every pipe in the parking lot wall.

Sedum sedoides

This sedum is in Plant Select: how gratifying to find something I have grown in the garden in the wild...

Sailing back to Athens on the ferry, what fun to catch a gull as it soared past in the near sunset light. The trip has been going rather like this...

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  1. Does your garden provide the lichen-painted stone that accompanies the Plant Select sedum in its habitat? Gorgeous shot.

    Hope the trip stays golden!


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