Sunday, January 17, 2016

The cats of Kadikoy and Crete

A 'kedi" in Kadikoy
 Visitors to Greece and Turkey are always surprised and a bit chagrined by the ubiquity of cats. And their general acceptance. I suppose they do keep the mouse population down? And do their part, I'm sure, on eliminating song birds from the city! They seemed to be pretty healthy, and were really adorable. I only took a few pictures of them (wish now I'd taken more--they're very cute aren't they?), this one sleeping soundly in a bookstore in Istanbul's suburb across the Bosphorus on the Asiatic shore.

A kedi in Beyoglu
 Here on the European side--this one doing a complicated Yoga move no doubt. Here in the old Greek quarter once called Tatavla.

γατάκια in Crete
 These two appeared at a restaurant in the hills of Crete where we'd stopped for lunch: I recall Mt. Ida peering over our shoulder to the East, and these little cuties showed up--obviously well fed by other travellers. We saw a French couple cuddling one of their siblings and asking the Restaurant owner if they could take it back to France? "Of course" we heard him say...apparently a lot of Mediterranean cats find their way back to Northern Europe this way.

I have to admit the icy blue-green gaze of this one captivated me. In another Universe I might have brought him (her) back as well--a sort of catty familial Angelina/Brad gesture! As it turned out, I have (temporarily?) taken custody of my daughter's cat Secret, whom I must photograph and add to this roguish gallery of feline charm.

I've always thought of myself as more of a dog person--but I was more than a little beguiled by the felines of the Mediterranean. Their sleek, svelte beauty and complacent air was irresistible. If and when I go back, I shall report back! The Felines of the Eastern Mediterranean continue to prosper I'm sure. I doubt whether Greece or Turkey will be instituting widespread spay policies any time soon.

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