Sunday, March 29, 2020

Making amends... Snyder garden in other seasons!

Agave utahensis var. utahensis and Yucca sterilis...and oh yes, Sandy too.
 The only two previous times I've posted on Sandy's garden were in winter. I'd like to make amends and show how splendid it is at other times of the are some random shots. I believe this may be one of the first times Utah agave bloomed in Colorado (the picture is quite old)...and few grow that fantastic dwarf Uinta Basin yucca.

One of her wonderful giant boulders chockablock full of treasures..Dictamnus albus 'Purpureus' in lower right.

Love this Rose--have no idea which one it is.

Wonderful mix of shrubs, perennials and cacti--love it!

A back berm full of succulents and steppe plants--and the world's biggest cushion Convolvulus assyricus just below center.

Convolvulus assyricus

Aristolochia tomentosa

A crazy variegated Euonymus that never seems to winterburn!

Dicentra 'King of Hearts'
Same garden as the cacti, mind you!
Dicentra 'King of Hearts'

The Crevice garden from the West.

View across the back yard at perennial borders...

Champion pot of Escobaria leei
This was taken several years ago: this endangered New Mexican gem now overflows the pot..

Pots everywhere, and cool oudoor tschotchkies

Passiflora incarnata
Sandy's locally famous passionflower draping the south side of her house...

Passiflora incarnata
Everyone's bowled over by this. Not what you associate with Colorado!

Oenothera fremontii 'Shimmer'

Sandy competing with Paeonia peregrina in scarlet

Gas plant (Dictramnus albus) seeding all over her grand rock garden.

And a few final shots of the buffalograss lawn in crocus season...

Amd of course, who else would find a perfect piece of driftwood spelling out her first and last initial?


  1. It really shows how good of a friend you are with Sandy.

    Maybe someday I will have a lawn of crocuses like Sandy. At that time, I might finally have enough so the rabbits can have their fill and there will still be some left over for me to enjoy.

  2. Wow. This is such a tease this time of year. Love that big crevice garden.

  3. The crocus lawn views are splendid - I hear about that in theory, but there it is for real. Even better than I envisioned. Would love to see a cool season view of the front agave area...

    1. Each year I take the seed from my snow crocuses and spread them around in my lawn. They are coming up in scattered locations. The ones in the lawn don't get eaten by rabbits as much as the ones I foolishly planted in rows in my garden. The rabbits go down the rows of crocuses like a lawn mower.

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