Kit Strange West Coast Lecture tour, 2018

 Firming up the Schedule for Kit:

April 6-Fly from London to Anchorage  Hostess first night: Madge Oswald.
April 7 Fly to Homer
Kathy Dube (
  April 8 Homer Garden club:"How to be a better Plant Propagator"
April  9-11 Alaska Chapter, NARGS/ Homer Garden club: Contact Carmel Tysver (

April 9 Floral Treasures from eastern Turkey in Palmer

 10th April 10, Anchorage "Bulbs in Kyrgyzstan"
April 12-13 (Seattle) Northwestern Chapter (Judith Jones,

April 14-16 travel Seattle via Portland to Medford. Staying with Jane McGary contact and hostess:

 April ? Pacific Bulb Society: Topic?

April 17 Drive to Medford with Loren Russell, botanizing en route (

April 18-20 Stay in Medford...(contacts: and Eric Hagerman; host:Janet Crawford:
 April 18  Siskiyou Chapter: "Growing Alpines at Kew"
Fly to San Francisco April 20
April 20- 22 Bay Area host: Andy Stone:  

Ted Kipping to drive Kit from San Francisco to Sonora on April 22

April 22-26 Sierra Chapter: Val Myrick (Jack and Val
                      April 24  Sonora Chapter: "How to be a better Plant Propagator"

April 27-29: attend APS Conference in Las Vegas (fly to Utah Sunday night) 

April 29-May 3  Wasatch Chapter,  (Contact:; hosts: Mr. and Mrs. Andrey Zharkikh  mobile: 801-556-4906 home: 801-947-1330address: 7469 S 2340 E, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121email:
April 30 7-9PM Red Butte.  Wasatch Chapter: "Travels in Armenia"

May 3-5 Drive to Durango, (host, Susan Sims; possibly Kenton Seth)
May 6-7: Contact Jeff Wagner

May 6, Consortium of Durango horticulturists:  "Growing Bulbs at Kew"

May 7 Drive to Denver (possibly with                                           

May 9 Denver (Rocky Mt. Chapter): May 9 (Contact:  Carl Wilson; hosts: Marcia and Randy Tatroe,

Kit Strange lectures: see below

Here is a list of lectures that I currently am able to do. I have a few more coming up this year too. But the newest is the Juno iris adventures in the Caucasus and Central Asia.
I would be really amazing to come over and do a tour of lectures.
All the best
                                                      List of lectures
Growing Alpines at Kew
Growing Frits at Kew
Orchids of Oland
Cultivation of temperate Aroids
Setting up a native plant nursery in the Falklands
Bulbs of Kyrgyzstan
Growing Falkland Islands plants at Kew
Growing South African bulbs at Kew
Travels in Armenia
Floral treasures of Eastern Turkey
Northwest Spain, Looking for Narcissus triandrus and other alpine plant treasures
Tajikistan, travelling into the Wahkan Valley
How to be a better propagator
Growing bulbs at Kew
Juno iris adventures in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Short bio for Kit:

I look after Kew's extensive alpine bulb collection, including the Juno Irises.
Repotting the bulbous collections annually. Sowing bulb seed and growing on germinated seedlings to adult stage. Maintaining the collections to a high standard for display in the Davies Alpine House, and making sure the collections are kept fresh by re sowing.
Developing exhibits for horticultural and educational events and demonstrating propagation techniques for horticulture students from Kew and UK horticultural colleges.
Supporting the MSB by taking part in seed collecting expeditions. Growing and developing horticultural protocols for plants from the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, and producing plants for display at Kew and DNA collection.
Working with colleagues in the Falklands to propagate native species for sale to the public and restoration of degraded habitats and raising public awareness of native species conservation within the Falklands.
I have also been on several seed collection expeditions. Spain looking at Narcissus triandrus.  Tajikistan, on a joint project with Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, Collecting seed and bulbs in the mountains and collaborating with Botanists in Khorog and in Kulob. Also collaborating with Botanists in Azerbaijan and collecting live material there too.    I organise the Harlow Early spring show for the Alpine Garden society which is a very popular spring show.

Pictures of Kit below for publicity (right click to download)

Kit Strange in Tadjikistan

Kit Strange

Juno iris (part of what Kit manages) at Kew

Kit Strange in habitat

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