Thursday, August 18, 2011

There ain't nuthin' better'n a rock garden!

Late April...daphne and draba time

Same berm, a month later, Aethionema and Iberis spreading cool pink and lavender matlets and Daphne alpina blooming at right...

June has a conflagration of delosperma, orange Anagallis monellii from Morocco, and more...

July adds more poppies and dwarf verbascum joining the mix...

August is cooler, with pastel Origanums and blue gentians just out of sight: but still trim and appealing...why on earth doesn't everyone have rock garden?

A closer look at the neoclassical extravaganza of oreganos and Inula verbascifolia, recreating Mt. Olympus in my back yard...makes me feel positively Zeusian! There ain't nuthin' better'n a rock garden my friend!

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