Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red letter days and pale yellow cactus

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not like just another peak bagger, or hoarder, only I am gathering plants, plants and more plants into my life. I guess that is my business, as well as hobby (and obsession). So this isn't perhaps surprising...I generally grow hardy plants outdoors, and my indoor plants are afterthoughts and accidents I shimmy outside for the summer. They have to be pretty tough...and sometimes look it. When one of these likes me and thrives, I am impressed!

I acquired Astrophtum myriostigma somewhere along the way, a not terribly rare (in gardens), nor is it a terribly difficult cactus to grow. But not just everyone has one, and I've actually never seen it bloom before.

It's bloomed for me several times this summer: this is a cactus for anyone (even for those folks who say they hate cacti) since it has no spines, no glochids, just that incredibly sleek, smooth stem. And wonderful pale yellow flower. Somehow it's perfect!

I have much in my life to be thankful for: family, friends, relationships, work, Colorado...but having a new plant bloom for me is always a red letter day....I seem to have quite a string of these come to think of it! Such a tough life...but someone has to live it!


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