Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Border blessings

Zauschneria californica (left), Aster oblongifolia 'Dram of Beauty' middle and Zinnia grandiflora right                               (the Generic names have been changed to protect the innocent)
 I am lucky to have a pretty wonderful garden at home, and drive to a wonderful garden at work--but in between, I can drive by yet another amazing garden: Mike Kintgen's homestead is chockablock full of gems: here a stretch along the south sidewalk photographed yesterday.

Vernonia larseni

Muhelenbergia reverchonii 'Autumn embers'
 Now brace yourself: the next picture is taken of the SAME spot a few months ago...

3 or four months makes a difference, don't you think? The flashiest sidewalk planting ever!

There are many blessings in our lives we often take for granted: having Mike Kintgen as a colleague and a friend is near to the top of mine! His garden is a perennial delight.


  1. Wow! I'd drive out of my way to go by that sidewalk planting. Nice work Mike!

  2. I too am a fan of Mike's work. In public gardens, and in this case his own personal garden.

  3. That's an incredible transformation from spring to fall. Gorgeous in both seasons


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