Wednesday, June 12, 2019

APEX at the apex

Castilleja integra upstaging all the other gems
I have featured APEX at Simms in Arvada several times in my blog. This masterpiece designed by Kenton Seth and Paul Spriggs several years ago continues to mature and improve. The variety of plants contained in here (many probably not represented in public gardens anywhere in North America at least) is truly astonishing. And they are so artfully tucked in and many are beginning to seed around and pretend they've always grown here. Really, it's point and shoot: and hardly needs commentary. These pictures all taken on June 12, in the middle of a hot, glaring day (although a few clouds did come out providentially)...

Marc Hachadourian anbd his partner, Oscar Armando Rodriguez were the reason for the visit!

Marc noticed immediately the gem under Arctostaphylos pungens...

Petunia patagonica

Eriogonum ovalifolium

Maihuenia poeppigii

Castilleja integra and Opuntia debreczyi 'Potato' dancing (slowly) together

Penstemon exiliifolius looking better than it does in nature.

Eriogonum ovalifolium var. eximium about to pop!
 There's something happening in this garden every week from not to winter!

 Lovely vistas...

Eriogonum umbellatum var. porteri
 And vignettes!

Phlox nana going gangbusters at the bottom...

Those paintbrushes sure stand out!

I could go on and on about this little masterpiece: best thing to do is just go visit it. Often!


  1. Aw man, I'm so envious to miss the best bloom to date in that garden, but glad others are seeing it! Very nice shot of that Eriogonum porteri.

    This fall I'll be trying/adding semi xeric campanulas and next year I'll add more mesembs, perhaps cushion-forming opuntiads. I hope someone collects seed off those good Moltkia...

    From your pictures I can see that Yucca faxoniana x rostrata (from Kelly Grummons) is in bloom for the first time! No doubt it's seed genetics will be mixed with nearby Yucca filamentosa, sadly...


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