Friday, May 24, 2019

Labor of love: a garden and then some.

Not quite swans making a perfect heart with their neck profiles, but as close as I could get. A few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend the North American Rock Garden Society's study weekend in Frazer (the Philadelphia area sponsored by the Delaware Valley chapter.) NARGS meetings are always informative and the gardens invariably stunning. There was one on the tour, however, that pulled out all the stops.

Here our host, Wayne Guyman, is providing a little background before we set out: this garden has been decades in the making--a hobby at first, but now a full time passion in his retirement, helped by two gardeners, he has created a garden that would be the envy of any public botanic garden in scope and majesty.

Little treasures abound if you look carefully, like this variegated Disporum, and everywhere you looke vistas open up, and the view of the garden are simply stunning. Rather than drone on, just take a gander at the next few dozen slides, all taken on a slightly misty morning in early May. Yes, they are all the same garden, the same day. Truly humbling for a fellow horticulturist like me.


  1. You get to be right. This is an outstanding garden. You had a perfect day to see it too. I always think of those forests as being damp. Seeing the native plants as well as the wildlife there makes me think of how healthy it is. All of the Non natives are like new jewels mixed in with the family heirlooms.

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