Friday, August 11, 2017

Congratulations to Nick's

Denver is blessed with dozens of wonderful independent garden centers. Nick's is second to none--not just in Denver, but in the United States and beyond: 11 acres of fantastic plants which are always in the best of health, with many rarities scattered throughout. AND they have a wonderful Farm-fresh market with the best quality produce--most of it locally produced. Last Saturday they celebrated their 30 year in business...Congratulations, Nick's!

I just happened to drop by last Saturday (Jan and I like to check in on Nick's regularly). She took a picture of me (far left) with Randy (middle) and son Richard (right) Ortega--the owners and managers who were there greeting enormous crowds of well-wishers. Of course, the give-away drinks and free hamburgers and hot dogs didn't dissuade anyone from coming (and yes, we had an unplanned lunch stop there!)...

This was (and the past tense is intentional--hundreds of people can make a dent) the birthday cake--extremely delicious--and loaded with memories of 30 years of a wonderful business venture...

While strolling around the nursery, I was thrilled to find husky, very reasonably priced pots of Dittany of Crete...three are now growing on my rock wall next to my waterfall at home--which I hope will become a perennial remembrance of a great day's celebration! Here's to the NEXT 30 years!

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