Sunday, January 22, 2017

God Bless the Grass

As I was flying into SFO yesterday, I remembered that Malvina Reynolds had written "Little Boxes" about a nearby spot--and told Jan: Jan had never heard that song--and called it up on her I-Phone and we listened to it...we listened to another song or two and came to this one, which seemed timely, somehow. I loved the Pete Seeger version back in the day, and never heard this marvelous lady sing it: I realized how much she would have loved the Women's parades all over the world yesterday--if she were alive, she'd be out there with a pink Pussy Hat for SURE! I suggest clicking on her singing the song, and scroll through this blog listening to it!  (My first--and probably last--multi-media post!). A feeble excuse, perhaps, to show a few of my favorite Poaceae, and celebrate some great parades!

Bouteloua gracilis
 God bless the grass that grows thru the crack.
They roll the concrete over it to try and keep it back.
The concrete gets tired of what it has to do,
It breaks and it buckles and the grass grows thru,
And God bless the grass.

Hordeum jubatum
 God bless the truth that fights toward the sun,
They roll the lies over it and think that it is done.
It moves through the ground and reaches for the air,
And after a while it is growing everywhere,
And God bless the grass.

Schizachyrium scoparium
God bless the grass that grows through cement.
It's green and it's tender and it's easily bent.
But after a while it lifts up its head,
For the grass is living and the stone is dead,
And God bless the grass.

Sporobolus wrightii
 God bless the grass that's gentle and low,
Its roots they are deep and its will is to grow.
And God bless the truth, the friend of the poor,
And the wild grass growing at the poor man's door,
And God bless the grass.


Malvina Reynolds songbook(s) in which the music to this song appears:
---- The Muse of Parker Street

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1964 Schroder Music Company, renewed 1992. People often think of this as an ecology song, but Malvina wrote it after reading Mark Lane’s comments about the John F. Kennedy assassination.

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