Sunday, September 4, 2016

The progress of a sedum

Hylotelephium 'Cherry Tart'
This cultivar (one of the "Sun Sparkler" series), released a few years ago by Chris Hansen, of Holland, Michigan is one of the most striking container plants I've ever grown. I believe it will become a rock garden must have. At any given time it's lovely, but its transformation through the garden year is delightful to watch. For most of us it's "just a sedum"  (albeit it looks as though Hylotelephium constitutes a recognizable, taprooted spectrum of mostly deciduous perennials that appear to occupy the transition (morphoglogically and ecologically) between Phedimus and Rhodiola). My Facebook Friend and Crassula expert, Stephen Jankalski informs me that Hylotelephium are actually more closely allied to Orostachys and Kungia (the last one is new to me!)....

Like all gardeners, what appeals to us so much about the plants we grow is how they transform through the garden year, and how they look in different lights. This little "Sun Sparkler" exemplifies this process!

Here it is in bud--in oblique light (where it shows up better in photographs)--scrumptious don't you agree?

Just starting to open here...

These last two shots are the plant in full bloom in sunlight and oblique light...Doesn't this inspire you to go get one? I wouldn't mind having a half dozen more myself! Your local garden center can order plugs from Chris direct. Strangely, this cultivar is not on his current catalogue, but 'Wildfire', a variegated variation of it is: you can get that direct mail order from his nursery yourself and be one up on me!


  1. I wish some of our nurseries would carry Chris' plants. Maybe we can talk Randy at Nick's into ordering some for next spring? This is a beauty.

    1. I got mine from Kelly, Sheila: but you're right. I suspect we may get a bunch for Denver Botanic Gardens next spring-=for the gardens, with extras for our Spring sales!

  2. I believe Cherry Tart has been superseded by Firecracker, which some vendors claim is an improvement on the former.


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