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Fearful symmetry! (#2)

Once before I wrote a blog about "fearful symmetry" (a very different one!)--but the rosulate form is surely a fine example. And few who live in cold climates have fully utilized the ultimate rosette: the sempervivum. These are a few pictures I took yesterday at Laporte Avenue Nursery--one of America's great mail order sources of all manner of superb wildflowers and alpine plants: but they grow succulents as well--and have an especially good assortment of these gems.

 Everyone loves the red ones best---and they have lots of them...

 Love the contrasts!

 Actually more closely related to sedums, but this has to be in your collection too!

 This is one of the very best--not only for the wonderfully ciliate leaves, but bright yellow flowers in early summer!

 The cobweb houseleeks are must haves--not just kids are dazzled by the very authentic looking cobwebs in each rosette--but these too have gorgeous pink flowers in early summer....
 Young rooted cuttings of a rare South…