Friday, December 6, 2013

Come romp in the city of nymphs!

The famous botanic garden of Munich, which is part of the vast palace grounds of Nymphenburg ("the city of nymphs" so called) has a spectacular and immense rock garden, and more perennial borders, sophisticated woodland plantings, greenhouses galore and on and on ad nauseum: perhaps I shall share pix of these with you some day. If you clamor a bit I may do it sooner than's been miserably cold in Denver for the past three or four days with no respite in sight (lows well below 0 Farenheit...and the days not much warmer. As I looked through my pictures, despite my license as "plant nerd" and "plant snob" I have to admit that the gorgeous displays of bulbs and annuals were especially heart warming in the early depths of Colorado winter. Hearing that winter is spreading across most of America, I thought others might enjoy the warmth and color of a perfect day in early May this year--in one of the most magical gardens on Planet Earth...come romp with me and the nymphs!




  1. WHAT..... NO ROCK GARDEN PICTURES !!!??? THE SHAME!!! Doesn't Munich have a world renowned rockerey ?? SHOW US SOME PICTURES PLEASE !!!

    1. I would trade my sad little rock garden for the above in an instant. I always get more favorable comments from my bulbs than my rock garden. If I had the pictured gardens, I would throw the most wonderful parties.


    2. I suppose Anonymous 1's post qualifies as "clamoring": I guess I shall have to sift through my hundreds of pictures and try to do justice to their rock garden now...and thank you, James, for your appreciation for the annual beds: they were unbelievably lovely--my pix don't really do them justice. It takes a super-plantsman to admit that carpet-bedding, done well, is a fine art! And Munich does everything well...

  2. Thank you , I took the extreme " clamoring" approach . I Reallly enjoy your BLOG and can hardly wait for each post .


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