Monday, September 30, 2013

A masterful gardener comes to Denver...

Peter Korn: Swedish gardener extraordinaire
I think this closeup of Peter's face pretty much says it all: incredible goodwill, openness and enthusiasm characterizes his spirit. His physical energy, however, is manifest only if you hear his presentation--or visit his vast gardens...and his incisive intellect which has propelled this youthful gardener to visit and grow a large proportion of the world's loveliest plants (and sell them into the bargain), well that is something you must visit his garden to really appreciate!
Tussilago fanfara
Most gardens are rectilinear, and relatively small. It takes a special style and temperament of human to garden on acres and try to grow a large proportion of the world's flora! On Sunday, September 6 we will be lucky to have just such a person speak to us at Denver Botanic Gardens--Peter Korn is perhaps the most ambitious gardener on the planet--unquestionably the most ambitious rock gardener: he has several gardens, but the magnum opus near Landvetter airport near Gothenburg, Sweden, is many acres in extent--and stunningly beautiful by many measures. The picture above, which I took last April, shows a little daisy and gives a hint of the scale Peter achieves. He has uncovered cliffs, some many dozens of feet in height, and steep screes, meadows, bogs, woods--you name it. And he has planted many thousands of kinds of plants according to their cultural needs.

Erythronium dens-canis in scree
A few more shots, closeups and distance shots, to give you the faintest glimmering of what this Nordic deity is doing...I have blogged three times about him on one, two, three...nay FOUR times--click on those numbers to sample lots of pictures of his garden in April (and a late April at that--it was more like March but lots was in bloom nonetheless)...

Throngs visiting on Nerd day!
More vistas...

It is hard to convey the vastness of this garden in pictures...that's his home in the distance. The whole area is gardened.

Lysichiton camtschatcensis in the bog

If you possibly can, join Peter Korn at Denver Botanic Gardens this coming Sunday, October 6 at 1:00 PM: sign up at this URL:

You will not regret it!


  1. Wow- I've seen bits on SRGC forum, but the wide vistas are most impressive!

  2. Hi Panayoti, There are some gravel quarries in my area that could be made into a rock garden of Mr. Korn's scale. It's a shame the natural rock gardens that existed were destroyed. If you like big gardens then you should see the ecological restorations that are occurring in my county. One nearby preserve is 4000 acres. Restoring the vegetation in an area of this size may take generations. One local group has been working for 23 years. They are only about 1/3 of the way finished with their site. I have been helping by growing plants and donating either seeds or plugs. It is motivating to be involved with a group effort that is larger than any individual gardener.



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