Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some floral highlights of 2011 so far, Part one...

I am a fortunate mortal indeed: I dwell at a home surrounded by magical flowers, and work at a botanic garden with vast collections. Above is Anemone ranunculoides in the Rock Alpine Garden in spring....I will never get around to blogging about all these, so I will just cram in a bunch all at once with a sigh. Life is too short to get it all said...and pictures are supposed to be worth lots of words aren't they?

Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' growing in full sun in the Schlessman Plaza at the Gardens...drives me nuts!

Aquilegia pyreneica (or something close) at Laporte Avenue Nursery...don't live or work there, but wish I did!

Argemone munita in my garden. Not for sissies (the poppy). Neither is my garden, come to think of it...

Asclepias subverticillata at DBG: there is more crazy stuff there..

The lower meadow in the Rock Alpine Garden filled with Asphodeline lutea...Dare started this and Kintgen has perfected it...aaaaaah!

Catanache caespitosa at my house with a little ice plant...(shhhhh!)

Clematis albicoma in the Rock Alpine Garden....this is so awesome. I think it was Mike Kintgen who put this here? To DIE for, don'tcha think?

But I did this: Convolvulus assyricus at DBG.

Erythronium albidum, also left over from my reign...

Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice' at my place...

Globularia spinosa in my garden with lots of choice morsels around it..

Helichrysum praecurrens in the Rock Alpine Garden, from seed provided by the Bartletts from Sani Top...I could write twenty blogs around this plant. Oh well...

Iberis taurica (I think?) This is an incredible plant...some day I must blog about it.

Inula verbascifolia, from Mt. Olympus...

Iris bucharica growing like mad in the Lilac Garden...

Iris vicaria, in my garden!

Lilium concolor in Plantasia..

Monardella macrantha 'Marian Sampson' in our Orangery (this is everywhere at DBG!)

Nananthus transvaalensis bloomed most of last winter in my home garden...

And much much more!


  1. Your posts are very helpful in making next year's hit list. That Iberis taurica is a 'must have'. (Unfortunately, sourcing alpine plants in Canada is such a challenge.)

  2. Canada has many of the best alpine nurseries in the world: Wrightman's and Beaver Creek are two of my favorites...I'd be lost without 'em!

  3. Iberis taurica is a wonderful plant - would not be without it. Be sure to give it plenty of room. It has self sown throughout my sand garden. What a show it delivers come spring! Now that inula fascinates me - how tall is it?

  4. Glad to know Iberis taurica performs so well in Connecticut! The Inula is just finishing bloom: it varies from 8" to over a foot tall depending on richness of soil and exposure. It blooms at such a good time, is long-lived and adaptable: I shall send you fresh seed! Hope the Hurricane doesn't wreak havoc for you!

  5. I just added the Iberis and the Inula to my find list. Lovely! And that bindweed - very intriguing. Any thoughts as to its maintenance in the garden?


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