Sunday, June 13, 2010

Raining on my parade...

I would have liked to show you pictures of my mariposa lilies: several hundred blooming. But it's been drizzling/raining for 3 days and they're all drooping and looking miserable. And I publicized my garden to several hundred people as open (in about an hour)....oh well. It rained on Atlanta Botanic Garden's special evening when we visited a week and a couple days ago, but the sun providentially emerged as well, and the glowing evening ended with fireflies glimmering in the woods.

Eastern wildflowers seem to hold up in the rain better than our poor sun loving westerners. The pitcher plants peppered with Calopogon were incredible at ABG. I had been wanting to visit Atlanta for ages, and the APGA (American Public Gardens Association) annual meeting was really good: a chance to reconnect with friends and meet new colleagues and the sessions I went to were good, but the evening dinners at Atlanta and Calloway gardens were really over the top. It was humid, but not hot, and lush and flowery and the Southern magnolias (M. grandiflora) and crepe myrtles were blooming everywhere.

Lucky is he (she) who throws a garden party in the rain and pulls it off with style!


  1. Where, pray tell, did you acquire all those Calochortus? Are they all hardy here?

  2. I've been taking lots of pix, and will share them soon: I scattered seed of our native C. gunnisonii maybe 8 years ago: it started blooming within 3 years, and now I must have several hundred. And I've purchased around 1000 bulbs over the years from Brent and Becky's of 6 sorts: venustus, superbus, uniflorus (which needs water), luteus and various color variants of the above (red and purple): they love my meadow and have clumped up beautifully and are self sowing and hybridizing.


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