Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pax Verbascum

There are those purists who would object to a verbascum (even a dainty one like this) in a rock garden. There are those who regard all mulleins as noxious weeds. There are a lot of silly people in the world. Last year was the year of the Verbascum at my Quince St. Garden...I kinda overdid it. This year I edited the vast majority of seedlings when they were small. Instead of two or three hundred, we probably only have fitty or so here and there: nothing too radical.

I think the only plant that gets more commens in my garden than the mulleins is Anthriscus sylvetris 'Ravenswing'. Although, I confess, with the tall bearded iris are in bloom, or the peonies, people do gawk. And of course there's Glaucium, a whole different story!

As for mulleins, I really can't have enough kinds. And miniature hybrids or sports like this one are all the more beguiling.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's a little beauty! I have a growing collection of v's in my garden so those noxious weed believers can just stay home and not stroll through my pleasantries, thank you very much.

    But I do not have that Anthriscus...{note to self - add to list}

    ANd you are right...Glaucium, a whole dif story :>]]

  2. Dear Sweetpea! You must email me your snail mail ( and in about ten days or so I will post you fresh seed of Ravenswing: you should just scatter it in shady spots and it will come up thick next spring. You will never need to worry about it ever again (it self sows moderately and is very welcome). It is a must have! You like Glauciums? A gardener after my heart...


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