Zdenek Zvolanek Lecture tour, Summer 2018

Zdenek and Zdena arrive in Denver August  17th (at 16:35 [4:35PM])
1)     Gardens on Spring Creek, Fort Collins                         Sunday, August 19
            (This will be a private, members only presentation)
(contact: Ashley Young )
2)      Horticultural Art Society, Colorado Springs            Tues. Aug. 21-22
            (no definite date or venue set yet—but firmish commitment)
(Host: Diane Brunjes )
3)      Betty Ford Alpine Garden Society (Vail)                        Thurs., Aug  23-25
(Host: Nick Courtens )
4)      Yampa River Botanic Park, Steamboat Springs            Sun., Aug 26-28
(Host: Gayle Lehman
5)      Wasatch Rock Garden Club (Salt Lake City                             Aug. 29-Sept. 2
(Hosts: Cathy and Bill King  )
Sept. 2-September 13: drive to Oregon and  back
6)      Denver Botanic Gardens                                                        Sept. 14-16
Steppe Symposium, September 15 at John Mitchell Hall
(Host: Panayoti Kelaidis kelaidip@botanicgardens.org)          
Possible lectures:
Anatolian ornamental plants in mountains and cultivation,
Rock Gardening in Denmark,
Balkan Treasures,
Bohemian gardens and plants,
Steppe garden at Beauty Slope

Departure: September 19th (14:02)

1 comment:

  1. Panayoti, that looks great for us! I know this has to be a massive headache! Happily, with this kind of notice and this time of year, we can be very flexible. Thanks for undertaking this!


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