Zdenek Zvolanek Lecture tour, Summer 2018

SCHEDULE of presentations
1)     Gardens on Spring Creek, Fort Collins                         Sunday, August 19
                           (This will be a private, members only presentation)

2)      Horticultural Art Society, Colorado Springs            Tues. Aug. 21
                          "Steppe Garden at the Beauty Slope"
Parks and Recreation Main Office, 1401 Recreation Way, Colorado Springs, 80905 at 5:30-7pm
(Contact Diane Brunjes for more info: diane.brunjes@yahoo.com )
3)      Betty Ford Alpine Garden (Vail)                        Thurs., Aug 25
                               “Bohemian Gardens and Plants”
(Contact  Nick Courtens for more info: nick@bettyfordalpinegardens.org )
4)      Yampa River Botanic Park, Steamboat Springs      Tuesday, August 28
                    "Floral treasures of the Balkan Mountains"
Trillium House, Yampa River Botanic Park. We will have an appetizer bar and wine & beer after. 
 (Contact Gayle Lehman for more info: gayle@yrbp.org)

5)   Wasatch Rock Garden Club (Salt Lake City)          Thursday, August 30
                            "Anatolian ornamental plants in mountains and cultivation"  
Click here to register: https://www.redbuttegarden.org/wasatch-rock-garden-society-lecture/
(Contact Cathy and Bill King for more information: cathy.king@gmail.com)

       6)    Santa Fe Botanical Garden on Tuesday,                   Tuesday, September 11 
                   "Anatolian ornamental plants in mountains and cultivation"
Register free here: https://santafebotanicalgarden.org/lecture-anatolian-ornamental-plants-in-mountains-and-cultivation-by-zdenek-zolanek/

(Contact Cristina Salvador cristina@santafebotanicalgarden.org for more info)

           7)   Denver Botanic Gardens                                               Saturday  September 15
        Steppe Symposium, September 15 at John Mitchell Hall
Click here to register:  https://www.botanicgardens.org/programs/rocky-mountain-steppe-summit)
(For more info contact Panayoti Kelaidis kelaidip@botanicgardens.org)          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                8)  Cheyenne Botanic Garden                                                Sunday, September 16
                                                    “Bohemian Gardens and Plants”

Time and location: 3 pm. main conservatory building in conference room
(Contact  Nettie Eakes for more information: neakes@cheyennecity.org)


  1. Panayoti, that looks great for us! I know this has to be a massive headache! Happily, with this kind of notice and this time of year, we can be very flexible. Thanks for undertaking this!

  2. It's been great fun! Z and Z are here now: and headed your way soon!

  3. So excited to have Zdeněk and Zdena arrive in Salt Lake City, you've got us all fired up! If you get a chance, you could change the title to the "Anatolian" talk, I had to send in the information so long ago to Red Butte Garden I supplied the other title. No big deal, though. Have fun!


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