Thursday, July 2, 2020

End of June fireworks...

Spigelia marilandica
I have three plants growing together: on the last day of June one is finished blooming, one still has flowers and the third is merely budded up. What's that all about? An indispensible plant for me now--just got 'Little Rascal' from Plant Delights growing in a different bed.

Spigelia marilandica

Summer is much less floriferous in my garden than spring, but there are a few stalwarts that shine: this is among the best!
Allium altaicum
 Superficially like Welsh or Egyptian onion--this isn't NEARLY as weedy. Everyone who notices it wants it.

Escobaria sneedii v. leei

Wouldn't you know,the most perfect plant in my garden wasn't even grown by me: this is a gift from Sandy Snyder, who knew how much I admired this pot and gave it to me when she sold her house a few months ago. I never cease to be amazed that such a local plant in nature (growing only in Carlsbad National Park) has proved so hardy: the container stays outdoors year around.    

Campanula trogerae
        Near the top of the list of my favorite campanulas--a Turkish endemic introduced by Jim Archigald a quarter century ago                             

Delphinium cardinalis

Hope this will be hardy. I want to grow lots more of it next year--it blooms for weeks and makes a spectacle!
Brodiea californica 'Babylon'
By far the largest of the Brodiea/Triteleia complex: love the color too. And very cheap from Bulb merchants.

Lilium 'Orange Marmalade'

One of a bevy of Pacific Northwestern species I purchased mail order this spring, So far they seem to be settling in!

Silene waldsteinii
I seem to have several plants of this in troughs and in various places around my garden. It's not too showy, but passes muster.

Gnarly Verbascum bonbycinum
Several verbascums at Jan's other house and at Quince are doing peculiar things this year. No matter how I thin, we always have way too many of these--one of our "signature weeds"

Arisaema candidissimum
I hope we fond spots where these will settle down: we have three plants so far this year...

Convolvulus compactus
I grew this in another garden for years and eventually lost it, Glad to have it back.
Brodiea ida-maia
I begin and end with plants that really do look like fireworks: this Pacific Coast bulb has seemed to find a spot it likes: I hope it will come back strong. I yearned to grow this for years--it was never sold anywhere. And finally a few specialty growers offered it for astronomical pirces. Then the Dutch got their hands on it and now it's cheaply available everywhere. God bless the Dutch!


  1. My favorite flower in my rock garden now is Campanula rotundifolia ssp. artica. I also have a Veronica spicata ‘nana’ that is just getting started which I have high hopes of being a great summer rock garden plant. I may have to line my entire bed along my sidewalk with this Veronica, so I have something blooming now in the area occupied by the small spring bulbs earlier.

  2. Even if you don't consider this many blooms it is a spectacular display. I really like that little Silene w... Sweet.


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