Thursday, January 17, 2019

From my hotel window in Boise...

I see a greenhouse in the distance. If we were in Victorian times, it would be full of flowers. I blew up the image and peered and peered: no flowers did I see. For all I know, they're empty...check the next picture...

See them there, tucked away left center? They were quite a ways maybe there were flowers in them. Or maybe they're for some other kind of research. I'd like to have some greenhouses like that all to myself. I guess I have a whole Botanic Garden--musn't be greedy!

 I look a little over to the right--and there are two of the towers of Boise: both banks. Banks have an awful lot of money in order to build monuments like this. I guess, you get what you pay for (and we apparently pay for big banks). We're not paying government workers right now--something I hate to think about.

I can't begin to explain how big this roof is: YUGE!  I think we're approaching acreage up on top of this really nice Hotel. The rooms are more spacious than usual, and nicely appointed. Hate to think what the Trade Show pays for them. There was a pool and a gym on the fourth floor. The restaurant and bar downstairs were better than average. But if they had turned that roof into a green roof, I would have been really impressed: such a vast waste of space! And all the runoff!

I peer to the right of the banks--there are the Boise Hills: I would like to hike those in late March when the distinctive Pacific Northwest flora is burgeoning. I imagine there would be Fritillaria pudica there, and I'm told there's Primula cusickiana....and who knows what other treasures? I saw pictures in the lobby of hills covered with Balsamroot.  I'm sure it's there...For all the grandeur of cities--I really prefer the wild hills.

Most lecture tours to clubs I'm hosted in homes which I prefer. Hotels are really much of a muchness, no matter how fancy. Except for rustic, colorful old hotels. Chains invariably suck, no matter how expensive.

I sometimes wonder what I would have done if I'd actually been picked to work here fifteen or so years ago. I have quite a few friends, and like the people I've met here. I don't think I have the skill sets that would have allowed m to succeed at the job I applied for. Instead, I stayed in Denver, have traveled to a dozen magical places I would not likely have seen otherwise, and helped with a number of books I'm very proud of, and learned so much from colleagues and from a boss such as I've never imagined could exist

And looking out my window this morning, I look at this wonderful Western town I've come to love and realize all has worked out for the best.

Just wish they had some Pelargoniums in the greenhouses!


  1. I get your greenhouse lust. Ever since I was 18 yrs old (this was a long time ago) I have wanted one. I won't give up hope. I have given up on the idea of having a nursery. I know now that I don't have the business acumen to run one. I will now settle for a nice heated greenhouse for my own pleasures. It would have some Pelargoniums in it. As to hotels, I agree with you. Why people like their houses to feel like hotels???? It is all beyond me.

  2. The last pic of the luxuriant, grassy hills above Boise and the snow-no snow line, all have me wanting to visit in spring, too. Our spring is rarely anything to have, though the monsoon season compensates. Never will be a greenhouse person!


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