Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Veggies in Shangrila

Cheese, not veggies. Fooled you!
Of course, the name "Shangrila" is a tad bogus. If you've read the rather hokey Lost Horizon (I have) the bestseller from way back in 1933, you know that the "real" Shangrila was in the Kunlun mountains and the descriptions in the book suggest somewhere in the far Western Himalaya rather than China. But some think that Hilton (the author) was heavily influenced by articles in the National Geographic by Joseph Rock, which puts us back in Yunnan. So this market in Zhongdian (now officially "Shangrila") might well qualify. You'll see lots more than veggies. We visited many markets, but the pictures I took here turned out best--so here's a sampling of northern Yunnan's answer to Walmart. (I'll go for the Chinese one any day!)....I've not really added commentary--the market speaks colorfully for itself!


  1. Panayoti, This is just amazing and gorgeous! I so enjoyed seeing this market thru your eyes. Can you imagine having all those veggies to choose from...Whoa!

  2. I could make a meal out of one of the carrots and the cabbage was huge. They grow em large in china.

  3. This is like traveling without leaving your seat! Thank you for the beautiful travelogue.


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