Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Greatest Show on Earth! For lovers of Cacti and Succulents...

There ain't nuthin' on the planet quite like a Cactus and Succulent Show in California: I took these pictures at a MONTHLY MEETING I attended of the San Gabriel Club at the L.A. Botanical Garden a few years ago...

There's really no place on the planet (well, maybe someplace in South Africa, Texas or Arizona) where you can gather so many fantastic plants together...and they do this all the time in Los Angeles, San Diego and environs!

The man who has put together the BIGGEST of all is pictured below. Tom Glavich may be proof that growing great plants may indeed take being a rocket scientist, since that happens to be his day job!

I took this picture of Tom at Oxbow, in Lesotho (Southern Africa) in January a few years ago: he's an intrepid explorer as well as an extraordinary gardener. His private collection of succulents and bulbs comprises hundreds, or more likely thousands! of spectacular plants that win many of the top prizes. His home and garden, tucked under the San Gabriel mountains, are practically a stones throw (downhill) to both Los Angeles Botanic Garden and the Huntington and its extraordinary succulent collections.

Tom will be bringing the magic of his work conducting the Greatest Cactus Show on Earth and show us a little of his own collection at the Colorado Cactus and Succulent Society's annual banquet, on Saturday, October 13 at the Arvada Center for the Arts: click here to buy tickets and secure your place (there will be plant raffles, auctions and some fantastic surprises there too!)

And I happen to know that some special people there will be coming all the way from Germany to attend! 

Be there or be square!

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