Saturday, March 10, 2018

Winter waifs and springtime spirits

Iris x reticulata 'Mar's Landing'
 Sometimes catalogues show pictures and you say "yeah, right": which is how I reacted when I first saw pictures of this strange and alluring plant. For once the hype was exceeded by the wonderful performance--this went through minus 7 Farenheit, snow and has bloomed for weeks. I do love brass and bronze, and this seems almost as tough! Bravo Alan McMurtrie--and keep 'em coming!

Iris x reticulata 'Mar's Landing'

 That's Oxalis 'Ken Aslet' (pick any one of a half dozen scientific names) which blooms yellow in the fall under the iris.

Iris x reticulata 'Mar's Landing'

Iris x reticulata 'Mar's Landing'
Perhaps you can tell I'm tickled?

Bulbocodium vernum and Iris x reticulata 'Sunshine'

Iris x reticulata 'Sunshine'

Iris x reticulata 'Sunshine'

Iris x reticulata 'Palm Springs'

Iris histrioides v.Sophenensis
 Another gem I think I'll get more of this!

Iris x reticulata 'Orange Glow'

Iris x 'Finola''

Crocus vernus v. albiflorus

Iris x reticulata...lost track of this one!

Iris x reticulata 'Alida'
Draba hispanica
Not just irises are blooming!

Iris x reticulata 'Velvet Smile'
Not sure if I'm too crazy about the name, but the plant is certainly performing well..

Iris x histrioides 'George'

Iris danfordiae hybrid un-named (mistakenly labeled 'Happiness' last year)

Iris danfordiae (standard form) reblooming in blue gramma prairie

Iris x histrioides 'Sheila Ann Germaney'
It was interesting to compare the three best known crosses of Iris histrioides x winogradowii: each is subtly different.

Iris x histrioides 'Kanharine Hodgkin'

Iris x histrioides 'Frank Elder'

Iris x recitulataa 'Spot on'
Iris x reticulata' 'Darkness' just revving up!

Iris x reticulata  'Vivacious Beginnings'

Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice'

Galanthus elwesii 'Hackenberry form'

Galanthus nivalis double: I too dislike it!

Bulbocodium vernum

Bulbocodium vernum

Crocus flavus

Colchicum hungaricum

Naturally I had to cast my shadow on my only picture of my biggest clump of Adonis amurensis...oh well--there's NEXT year we hope.


  1. Okay, I succumb to the enticement of Alan McMurtrie retics, must get me some of those with indescribable colors like Mar's Landing. Maybe the bunnies will eat the foliage :-)

  2. Your post makes me want more dwarf iris varieties. My snow crocuses are reseeding in various colors and spreading into my lawn. Since I only spot spray dandelions, the snow crocuses will likely continue to spread making quite a sight in another decade or two.

  3. I planted 'Mars Landing' last fall and you've got me very excited! Can't wait for mine to appear.


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