Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Seeing red: midwinter rhapsody

Erica carnea 'Vivellii'

I realize the winter heaths are a cliche in maritime climates--but it has never ceased to amaze me that after having these so wonderfully displayed at Denver Botanic Gardens there are still so few found in local gardens or nurseries. Some were blooming last fall! Memo to self: get a bunch more for my garden this spring!

closeup of same
It's been a very mild (knock on wood) but relatively snowless winter. Even so the snow has lingered almost two weeks in the shady spots like this cold slope in the Rock Alpine Garden.

Erica carnea 'Snow Queen'

Much slower growing than 'Springwood White' this has quietly expanded on this spot for 38 years. I know...

Arctostaphylos x coloradoensis
I confess. I went to my local MacDonalds this morning (no bagel at home and I had an irrepressible urge for a Sausage McMuffin. I confess). I was astonished to see the landscaping was outstanding--with lots of our Plant Select manzanitas. Great native grasses, shrubs of all sorts. Made me feel less guilty. Oh yes, this picture was taken on Dryland Mesa at DBG--I think I'll blog about the McDonalds separately and soon!

Eriogonum umbellatum var. aureum 'Kannah Creek'
 One of the best plants ever--the stunning burgundy color all winter can never be captured by film. Thank you, Dermod Downs (he first collected this near its namesake waterway)

This Epimedium is burnished. Others are not. Different taxa? Will check this summer.

Pachystima canbyi

Another strangely neglected plant: Ratstripper (who calls it that) looks wonderful exposed in full sun. The shady ones are greener. One day, I would like to see this in nature.  I seem to get most of my wishes lately. I love this plant--so what if it's flowers are less than trivial?

Themeda triandra

 Dan's stunning collection of this African (and apparently Japanese and Phillipine?) grass. Must grow Must grow! Bleached a fantastic shade of fawn by winter.

My view
 Skipping back and forth from home to work--sometimes have trouble distinguishing, I'm afraid. We're having another one of those Colorado winter days. Almost shirtsleeve. If I were at home I'd be cutting things back right now. Sorry for sticking this in again--palette cleanser perhaps?

Adonis amurensis
 I divided my two biggest clumps last spring (left one intact). The multiple divided ones are almost as big as the whole clump was last year! I think they like division!

 These have been out for two weeks and are gaining stature (in my rock garden). They were still scrunched up with cold when I photographed this. A balmy 31F too!

A little red among the straw in the Grass Garden.

 One of the many masses of Epimedium pinnatum v. colchicum--the toughest and probably the best of the genus for us (and everyone else).
Rohdea japonica and Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'
 Two plants I never dreamed would prove so durable and vigorous for us. But they are.

 I've been photographing this crevice garden since it was first built--I must string them together. What amazing changes! I have the most delightful colleagues under the sun.

Narcissus minor 'Cedric Morris'
 I can't believe I didn't pull the stake. Now I shall have to force myself to go out there and take this again...

I don't want to jinx anything so no comments...

I'm restraining myself...

Let's move quickly on...

Verbascum bobyciferum fasciation

My witty friends on Facebook made their usual snarky comments:

Janet Davis
Janet DavisGroup Admin I will say a flying squid with a hernia trying to ease itself onto a bench.

· Reply · 53m
Liberto Dario
Liberto Dario Ha! I was seeing a vomitting spider!
And THIS after I specifically disqualified both from guessing!

Opuntia engelmannii
 I believe the multiplying Peters are signing their death warrant. Not happy.

Galanthus elwesii
I scored the first bulbs for this area after an indoor display. This one was blooming two months ago! I could go on with no end of dun, ecru, tan, grey, gray, auburn, silver and other wise neutral images of the interminable Colorado winter. Fortunately, I have a lot of New Zealand movies to download and re-green my eyes!

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  1. I photographed my garden today as well! Before the mailman's footprints in the snow. Frozen at least a foot deep, I'd say...... Lucky you.


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