Monday, January 29, 2018

Views matter! New Zealand hotels..

View of Wellington harbor from the Copthron Oriental Hotel

 One of the great pleasures of travel can be a fine hotel. When that hotel has views like this (from my seventh story window), then we're talkin'! Of course, these picture postcard sunny views are lovely, but when you have a few days you can really get the sense of the town--in this case Wellington, New Zealand's very photogenic capital!

Every bit as fetching at night...

Or one misty morning (it did clear up in a bit)

On a diffuse, sunny day

In the steely light of dusk

On a luminous morning...

 Another dusk...

 I believe every single room in our annex to the Heritage Hotel at Mt. Cook had these stellar views of that magnificent mountain...

 Staying three or four days in a place like Wellington or Mt. Cook where the views are so dramatic is like living in a symphony--Debussy for Wellington and Beethoven for Mt. Cook. These are two very good reasons to visit New Zealand!

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  1. What a superb idea. Sometimes it's as simple as the play of light on a scene, the weather, the time of day.... and no plants to speak of! Beautiful photos.


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