Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas in Lala Land...glimpses of a winter escape


  1. Hi Panayoti,
    Looks like you were in the Santa Monica Canyon area right off the bluff by San Vicente and 4th street my favored walk with family.
    Wonderful old trees and restored historic homes. Spendid views of the ocean with occasional dolphins out riding the waves or feeding.
    And of course, the delicious and refreshing fragrance of the sea with
    all its ions and health giving iodine ! Looks like you were fortunate
    to visit when the terrible devastating fires had not yet come to the area, coating the air with smoke and ash, with enormous clouds of
    such covering the coastal byways. Wonder how the dolphins, whales and sea birds will survive it all, how people and Nature will recover and regenerate.

  2. The pictures were taken in Palos Verdes area--similar to Santa Monica in its elegant prosperity, Maggie--but no fires here thank Heavens! We've had pretty clear skies during my visit. The tragedy was pretty localized where it occurred: this area has always been prone to fire, and just as in our Pondersa Pine forests in the Rockies, people have not come to terms with that reality, alas!


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