Thursday, August 24, 2017

Vignettes of the late summer garden

Arum italicum 'Marmoratum'

I know this is considered a weed in Britain, but few plants attract more comment in my garden than this Mediterranean aroid in fruit.

Veggie garden
Honest, there really are some carrots and tomatoes and a few other bona fide veggies in there...

Veggie garden
Jan is to blame (or be credited) with this lavish display of red and white: she just can't resist leaving a few ornamentals to rampage in the erstwhile veggie garden...

Scutellaria pectinata
Always blooming late, and very welcome, this amazing Scullcap is one of the best in the genus. Would like more sun and heat than what it gets in my rock garden, alas, to perform optimally.

Delphinium pylzowii
Another irrepressible plant that self sows all over my garden. But with such piercing blue flowers, how an I take them all out?

Clustered pot madness...
There are more pots in the garden than pot-shops in Denver. And they look pretty crazy this time of year!

Erodium manescavii
Another of my irresistible weeds: It self-sows everywhere, but those magenta flowers from spring to fall...too many end up staying.

Cunila origanoides
A rare mint from the Eastern U.S. that I am very fond of.

Erodium duet
I think erodiums are terribly under-rated...
Zauschneria septentrionale?
I believe this is septentrionale. I could be wrong. Whatever it is, it's GROWING! I have tried so many, and finally a few zauschnerias are starting to bloom!

Sloping meadow
It may look messy. But it's mine!

Petrophytum caespitosum (flower) Stachys citrina (foliage in front)
Our form of petrophytum is much larger than the wild forms. The stachys is one I struggled to grow and now have many places.

Putoria cantabrica

Colchicum montanum

Salvia chrysophylla

Kniphofia porphyrantha

Seedling Origanum

Seedpod on Dryas octopetala

Closeup of seedpod on Dryas octopetala

Allium togashii and Origanum acutidens

Gentiana paradoxa x septemfida

Another clone of Gentiana paradoxa x septemfida
Many forms of this--and all are very vigorous and showy.

Veratrum formosanum
One of the aristocrats of late summer--and very hard to photograph!

Veratrum nigrum
It's Eurasian cousin, even HARDER to get a good pic of this!

Veratrum nigrum
Another view...
Armeria scabra
One of the rarest Colorado alpines: grown from seed (by someone else)...I'm amazed how long this has been blooming.

Codonopsis pilosula (a.k.a. Dangshen: 党参)
I know the picture is fuzzy, but had to show off this famous Chinese herb...

Impatiens glandulosa
This should be 6 feet tall: glad it's just a foot!

Napaea dioica
 A spectacular and little known native American plant with fabulous foliage. Glade mallow is sold by Tony Avent--Dan Johnson got it from him and it's now all over DBG (and in a few of our gardens!)

Peucedanum (Kitagawia) terebinthinaceum
I love umbels: this one self sows, but is easy to control. Seems to grow well in sun or shade...
Acanthlimon sp. ign.
The first acantholimon that seems to like me!
Gentiana paradoxa x septemfida
MORE gentian...

Scilla autumnalis
One of the first late summer bulbs...

Asplenium fontanum
A fern from the Alps that has grown for years in my garden.
Woodsia obtusa
I obtained this a few years ago, and it seems to be settling in nicely...

Asplenium platyneuron
I've admired this in rocky woods in New York, Vermont and other eastern Sates. I even saw this once in Colorado--where it's extremely rare. I can't say what a treat it is to have it in the garden!

That's it for now!

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  1. Nice to see I'm not the only one who grows Impatiens glandulifera. The bumblebees just love it. I bought a Codonopsis pilosula plant earlier this year. It's growing but no blossoms yet. Nice to see yours.


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