Saturday, July 8, 2017

Proctor/Macke tour de force!

I have featured Rob Proctor and David Macke's garden before in this blog, but on a horribly sunny day: I drop by frequently, and have masses of pictures, and really ought to do right by this amazing garden--but at least you can get a taste of it this week. I dropped in again, middle of the day (blazing sun) but the clouds came over and I dashed around and got a few pictures...

Of course, it's a lush, "English" seeming garden--but filled with drought tolerant perennials and shrubs (some spectacular specimens)--a real tour-de-force: check in at Tagawa's and you can get tickets for a tour in a few weeks (they do it every year to support the Animal Shelters). A visit here is always a delight!

These pictures don't really need a commentary: the garden is just outrageous! Just come on the tour!


  1. That's awesome. I hope he doesn't mind me copying a few ideas, there might not be enough room for a thyme parterre here but I'm going to try fitting in something similar!

  2. The view including the Thyme! I met Proctor 20+ years ago in ABQ, showing him some early xeriscape collections near where he was speaking.

  3. I think Rob and David would be honored if you used some of their combos in your garden, Bittster! And I must take you out there when you come our way again, David: Rob and David do the English Garden thing with a minimum of water: it's inspiring!


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