Monday, July 24, 2017

From left to right it's Shannon Still, Steve Newall, Ed Snodgrass, Steve Still (Jr.) and Steve Still (Senior), Allen Bush, Pierre Bennerup, Thilo and Georg Uebelhart. Otherwise known as the Ratzeputz*  gang. Two members are missing (Dave Schultz and Kirk Alexander). Notably missing is Kurt Bluemel--who passed away in June of 2014.

I spent most of last week in the company of these delightful people: we visited the Bighorns, the Beartooth (proof is shown above--and you can even glimpse the "Bear tooth" in the background). We spent a day in and around Cody hiking behind the Retreat Center where we were staying and visiting the remarkable Buffalo Bill Museum complex in that town. Another day was spent in Yellowstone.

I've known and spent time with most of these Ratzeputzers on their home turf in New Zealand, Maryland, Kentucky, Connecticut and Germany. They've called upon me in the past to accompany them in Colorado. Needless to say, now that I've been inducted into their august company (several bottles of Ratzeputz were emptied in the process as initiation...), I can't resist but share my delight.

I know that fraternities have their detractors (I never joined one in College after all).  You may smile and tease me all you want--but I am more than a little tickled to have joined this illustrious clan!

Long live the Razteputz!

*Ratzeputz is a ginger based liqueur made in Central Europe and reputed to enhance's an acquired taste, need I underscore. I'm developing a taste for it, much to my amazement!

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  1. Glad to see you have been enjoying the company of Ratzeputzers and had a fun time hiking with them. I have never heard about Ratzeputz before but it sounds interesting.


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