Friday, June 23, 2017

The busman's Holiday...

Horticulturists have been known to grumble about Landscape Architects: they're so hardscape focused. Heck some don't even learn about plants in school! That certainly doesn't apply to Herb Schaal, whom I've talked about extensively in another post. (Click on the last sentence to find it!). Few horticulturists garden this much or this well at home! I don't grumble because I owe L.A.'s (specifically Herb) my very entrée into professional horticulture: he was Master Planner for Denver Botanic Gardens for a long time in the 1970's and 1980's and oversaw the execution of the EDAW plan that forged our garden--including some amendments that happened to include the Rock Alpine Garden, which he designed and built. And he decided I'd be the one to plant and care for it: we've maintained a tender relationship ever since (further elaborated in the previous blog). Every year or so Jan and I spend an evening with the Schaals at their exquisite home and garden. I take a ton of pictures--and Herb emails me some (perhaps knowing that his architect's eye and camera have a better view!). I've not even bothered to upload mine--his were so lovely--taken about the same season as our yearly visit.

The pictures hardly need my comments--but I will interpose a few: this is Sedum hybridum (sorely underutilized in our area) combining with the combo.

Herb naturalized Cow Parsnip (Heracleum lanatum) which I love, but must be used cautiously: it can produce nasty welts if touched on sunny days.

The vegetable beds and berry beds are exquisitely designed.

Jan would like a patio like this....sigh.

Or this...

I love to see scarecrows dancing! This is a sort of avatar of the garden he uses on signage and it!

No further comment! Needless to say, I share Herb's sentiments on this subject!

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