Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Warm before the storm...the tidal wave of spring is upon us!

Iris aucheri in Plantasia steppe
For months the landscape has been pretty mute... The four "b's" of Colorado winter: bark, branches, buds and brown! Brown...but also tan, ecru, amber, umber, and a few more "b's" (bronze, brass, beige, brown...but I said brown already)...and of course grey. Gray, Gris. Silvery and tin, tan and dun. Did I say brown? Yes I notice I said it twice before...and occasionally a dusting of snow (not much this winter)...but then a few Hellebores rise, the adonis and crocuses...and pretty soon the whole crayon box spills out and color starts daubing the garden. The city has been ablaze for weeks with simply stunning Callery pears (yes, I said Callery Pears--'Bradford' and 'Chanticleer' primarily.They're not weedy here yet!) looking amazingly white, and now the crabs chime in and the Betty Boop lipstick pink of redbuds. I know her lipstick is red, but there's that pink in the background...you get the picture anyway--color--especially green in the twigs and the bluegrass lawns and the budding shrubs--is making a comeback with several days of rain and drizzle...The pictures below are a smattering of what's come out in the last week--which I've photographed. And lots more I didn't. And lots that I did that I didn't download--spring's springing. What can I say? Not much more than the captions is all. Enjoy!

Primula elatior and bulbous rabble in the Rock Alpine Garden

Primula abshasica at Quince St. garden

Prunus dulcis Dwarf Central Asian variant at Quince Garden

Crocus tomasinianus

Corydalis glaucescens

Fritillaria caucasica

Erythronium tuolumnense

Erythronium tuolumnense

Ipheon uniflorum Albino

Narcissus watieri

Corydalis solida (cvs.)

Colchicum hungaricum Quince

Colchicum filiferum Quince

Draba polytricha Quince

Tulipa polychroma Quince

Iris reticulata 'J.S. Dijt' Quince

Iris reticulata 'J.S. Dijt' Quince

Iris reticulata 'J.S. Dijt' Quince

Iris reticulata 'White Caucasus' Quince

Iris reticulata 'White Caucasus' Quince

Crabapples, Civic Center, Denver

Wedge East Garden DBG

Leontice ewersii Quince garden

Fritillaria persica DBG

Corydalis shanganii ssp. ainii Steppe Garden DBG

Fritillaria sewertzowii Steppe Garden DBG

Fritillaria eduardii Steppe Garden DBG

Rheum nanum, Steppe Garden DBG

Pulsatilla pratensis 'Nigricans' in the Childrens Garden, DBG

Narcissus 'Jet Fire' in the Childrens Garden

Corydalis malkensis Rock Alpine Garden

Corydalis madness, Rock Alpine Garden

Corydalis 'George Baker' Rock Alpine Garden

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  1. My former home is looking good - and maybe early? But this year has been an odd one. Spring is the time when I overlook the negatives of overdone, often unhappy, plants like bradford pears, red-tip photinia, and purple plums. Yet redbuds, india hawthorn, and the like are always great.


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