Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Marches on!

Iris x reticulata 'Darkness' (my new friend!)
 The warm days are reaching into the 80's and the plants are popping...a tad too early.
Bulbocodium vernum
Somewhere I read this has recently been lumped with Colchicum...which would make sense. Under any name, it's a delightful denizen of the spring rock garden! Strange weather--week after week of sun and unseasonably warm while friends in the Northeast get snowed under! For once I wish we had a real deep blizzard to slow things down. The apricots and almonds are in full bloom in my garden, and I saw Callery pears in full bloom downtown. At least the forsythias will bloom their heads off for a change and not get frosted the first day!

Crocus vernus v albiflorus
The rest of these are mostly pix in my garden (with the exception of the Harmony below and Bob Nold's white reticulata I had to share! I'm not the only one growing reticulatas!

Iris x reticulata 'Harmony'
One of several plantings reticulatas at the Gardens at Kendrick Lake--still looking good after four years without Greg Foreman. I do wish they'd get some help to plant the vast empty spaces where plants died out however.

Iris x reticulata 'Harmony'

Iris x reticulata White form
I took this in Bob Nold's wonderful garden last Saturday: this is a white form of I reticulata he obtained from one of the Baltic sellers I believe. I'm very curious to see how this compares to my Caucasian white, which is now in bud.

Iris x 'Orange glow '
Certainly unusual--though not terribly orange in Colorado light....
Iris x reticulata 'Velvet Smile'            '

Iris x reticulata 'Velvet Smile'
From another angle...

Iris reticulata  'Kuh-e Abr'
I believe this is the correct designation...
Iris x histiroides 'Finola' (on right--interloper on left)

Iris x reticulata 'Darkness'
I'm pretty sure this is correct!

Iris x reticulata 'Palm Springs'
This is surely the darkest of the reticulatas--and a spectacular flower.

Iris x reticulata 'Palm Springs' on the right, I. 'Eyecatcher' on the left...

Iris x reticulata 'Eye Catcher'
Iris x reticulata 'Eyecatcher'
Narcissus hispanicus ssp. bujei ex Spain

Narcissus hispanicus ssp. bujei ex Spain

Narcissus aff Julia ?
I made the mistake of planting my hoop petticoats too close together...not positive which is which...

Iris x reticulata 'Palm Springs' with an interloper...

Iris histrioides v. sophenensis
I am going on the label on this: doesn't look very much like Iris histrioides 'Major' I've grown much of my life!

Iris histrioides v. sophenensis

Iris histrioides v. sophenensis

Iris x reticulata 'J.S. Dijt'
Iris x reticulata 

Lost the label on this one (or is it hiding behind the leaf?) I'll double check tomorrow...
Iris x reticulata
Another one I lost track of...


  1. It seems Kendrick Lake has neglected your last axiom. :) If I did not continue to propagate plants then I would have to give up on having anything other than easy Dianthus species and creeping phlox.

  2. The photos are beautiful and capture the early hues and flora of spring, the long-awaited season of growth and warmth.


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