Friday, October 28, 2016

Silence! I Kale You!

 My colleagues at Denver Botanic Gardens have gone Kale Krazy--and I have to admit, I experience a sort of guilty pleasure admiring these ludicrous, crinkly balls of nutrition. I have to admit, I'd much rather look at Kale as eat it! So mostly for the fun of it, I'm sharing this terrific late season madness from the Gardens. I remember when October and November were the "slow" season, but the parking lot is full, and displays like these certainly don't go unappreciated! Oh yes, the title: I'm a huge Jeff Dunmire fan, and Ahmed is my favorite! He may even show up by the end...

The Grand Display alongside the West Terrace...Pretty cool, don't you think?

Aha! Ahmed DID show up--he's six or more feet tall, and quite a showman for El Dia de los Muertos--do come by and admire the altars and the other wonderful decorations throughout the gardens. And oh yes, some pretty awesome collections as well--featured in the NEXT blog in a day or two...

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