Tuesday, May 31, 2016

As I was driving around Denver on errands yesterday, I noticed that the Tall Bearded iris--which are always good--were uncommonly lush and happy this year with all the rains and the long season. So I took a few pictures. And I realized they might be fun to string together for this blog. I love Denver for many reasons, iris are surely one of them. I would love to take a day or two off--I could compile hundreds of pictures like this--each one different. Denverites are a special breed, and I am fiercely in love with this crazy, windy Queen City of the Plains (not to mention the Rockies!)...

Isn't this a grand way to line your street?

How about this captivating Halloween combo?

A closer view: black iris rock!

Or how about white iris against a black fence? Pretty cool, no?

White iris are very popular...

I hope this lady doesn't read my blog: but I love the Saguaro and the robust iris clumps.

There were many long drifts of gorgeous, fragrant pallida everywhere--this was not unique!

And there has to be the rebel who plants a Siberian!

The backlighting in late afternoon is my favorite feature of these plants!

Everyone seemed to be out in the garden yesterday--Memorial day.

It was raining: thought I could take a picture through the window...Ha! This was a grea vignette. Let's just pretend I'm an impressionist!

I was at a stoplight and caught this Denverite gardening...

He looks very cotemplative and pleased. I would be too!

And there are plenty at my house too--to end the short trip. Perhaps I'll take a day off in the next week and do this neighborhood photography thing. I did notice a car following me at one point--probably thinking I was casing out houses to rob. I only steal images and take away memories and a great sense of gratitude to live in a town full of iris lovers!


  1. I love my square state and our Queen of the Plains! I appreciate this reveling in Denver.

  2. I love my square state and our Queen of the Plains! I appreciate this reveling in Denver.

  3. Denver must use less salt than Chicago Suburbs. In my parkway I leave a buffer of grass four feet wide from the street because of the salt the plow pushes into the parkway. I'm impress that one of the gardens is growing right up to the street's edge.

  4. "Hellstrip" gardens are common--especially in urban Denver, James. Salt has not been an issue (I know they must use it, but even during snowy years, our plowing is pretty minimal: we rely upon the "solar plow"...this gets our mayors in big trouble when there are huge snowstorms. I believe it was 1983 when we got several feet at Christmas (unpredicted): the mayor didn't call out the plows in time, and the city was paralyzed for four days: that big city Machine mayor's term ended quickly.

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