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As I was driving around Denver on errands yesterday, I noticed that the Tall Bearded iris--which are always good--were uncommonly lush and happy this year with all the rains and the long season. So I took a few pictures. And I realized they might be fun to string together for this blog. I love Denver for many reasons, iris are surely one of them. I would love to take a day or two off--I could compile hundreds of pictures like this--each one different. Denverites are a special breed, and I am fiercely in love with this crazy, windy Queen City of the Plains (not to mention the Rockies!)...

Isn't this a grand way to line your street?

Highlights, Spring 2016

Spring is beginning to wane, so you have to forgive me if I take a fond look back at the last few months of what is turning out (between colossal snowstorms)

The name may be just a tad overstated...

A Colorado mountain garden suprises!

If someone had told me when I was a young man in the last century that I would live to see a botanic garden mature and flourish in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, at nearly 7000' I would have thought they were truly insane. You see, I was born some 18 miles away, and spent stints every summer at my uncle and cousin's home with my father fishing the vast--mostly empty--spaces of Routt County. Northwest Colorado is somewhat more populous--but still pretty sparse. To have created a garden of this scope and have it maintained so well is truly a tribute to the entire community--but especially to the founders (Bob and Audrey Enever) and the dynamic staff lead by Gayle Lehman from the inception.

I just had to give that acknowledgment! I have featured this garden in a previous blog which I hope you will click on to compare: the garden changes dramatically through the season...and well worth visiting any time it's open (roughly May into October most years)...

 This June the Garden is…